Friday, October 19, 2012

Friendship Luncheon!

We decided it would be fun to do a project with another class.  We would be able to practice so many skills and make some new friends.  We partnered with Miss Meaghan's class in Room 6.  First, each classroom seperately brainstormed ideas on a food to make for the other class and then voted on just one idea.  We even kept it a secret so we could surprise each other!

The next day we walked together to HyVee to buy our ingredients.  Once in HyVee we seperated so we could do our secret grocery shopping.  When we returned to school we worked on making our foods. 

The following day we came together for our "friendship luncheon" in our classroom.  We ate our school lunch along with the surprise cookies we made them and the yummy pizza that they had made us!  It was so much fun to keep our secret, do something nice for our friends, make pizza and cookies, and make many new friends!

Enjoy photos of both classes from our experiences!

New friends walking together to HyVee

Having fun with a new friend

Frosting for the cookies

Shopping at HyVee

Checking out

Checking items off of our list

We found the pepperoni!

Checking out

Swiping the credit card

Enjoying lunch!

Enjoying lunch!

Enjoying lunch!

Enjoying lunch!

Enjoying lunch!

The pizza...yum!

The delicious cookies!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Water Day, Tennis, and Clifford

Our First Water Day!
(June 16th)

Early Childhood Tennis Project

Clifford came and visited our preschool classrooms.